$1 Hosting in Style!

A Free website builder. Plenty of space and bandwidth.
Free E-Mail.
One Click Apps installer with 400+ Apps. MySQL included.
Works for your WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or any other PHP app.

$1/month if paid per year.

(addon sites $0.25/mo)

$1.49/month if paid per month.

(addon sites $0.25/mo)

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$1 Web Hosting Plan and prices

$1 Hosting – Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want more than one Website?

The easiest option is to simply add a new $1 Hosting plan to your account for every website you want to add.

If you want to save money and do not care about your websites sharing resources, you can add websites to your $1 hosting plan for $0.25/mo or $2/year.

Alternatively, you can just upgrade to our Unlimited Plan which will give you unlimited websites for your account.
Financially however, this only makes sense if you are planning on hosting at least 20 one dollar websites with us.
Otherwise it it cheaper to simply add $1 Hosting plans to your account.

Does your $1 Hosting plan have a website builder included?

Yes, building a website with our $1 Hosting plan is very easy using our free Free website builder tool.
Optionally you can also choose to use Weebly as your website builder.
Each Website Builder comes with hundreds of free templates to choose from.
Your site will also be “responsive” which means it will work on computers as well as smart phones and tablets.
The Multi-language feature is included as well which allows you to run your website in multiple languages.

All this plus much more is INCLUDED in your $1 Hosting Plan.

Can I upgrade from my $1 Hosting plan after I signup?

Yes, once you signed up for the $1 Hosting plan you can upgrade to any other hosting plan of ours.
You will also be able to add/remove features to your $1 Hosting plan such as Google G Suite for BusinesscWatch – your own Cyber Security Center for your website. Node.JS hosting or even Ruby on Rails.

Can I transfer an existing domain name to use with the $1 hosting plan?

Yes! Transferring an existing domain name with HelpingHost.com is simple.  To start, when you choose the $1 hosting plan, you will be asked to “Choose a domain”. The option to transfer your domain name is “Transfer your domain from another registrar”.

It is important to ensure you back up all the data on your website as this will not be transferred when you transfer your domain name. (contact our support team if you are unsure how to backup your old site)
And that’s it!

Once you’ve completed this straightforward process it can take up to seven business days for the domain to transfer to us.
In the meantime you can start enjoying the benefits of your $1 hosting plan with a so called temporary URL right away.

Is your $1 Hosting plan a good choice for my Business website?

Our $1 Hosting Plan for sure is a good choice for a new business website.
You can simply use one of our Website builders to quickly start your Business site or online store.
Alternatively the $1 hosting plan will also work well to use a basic e-commerce software such as Magento E-Commerce, WordPress with WooCommerce, X-Cart, Zen-Cart or any other of the online store apps.

However, once your site starts to take off, you should upgrade from the $1 hosting plan to our e-commerce plan which will make your  site much faster which will ensure a better Google ranking and prevent customers from leaving your website without buying from you.

Will my website be secure? Will I get SSL?

Yes, we understand that Google Chrome now requires all websites to be secure (have an SSL certificate installed).

You will automatically get a free SSL certificate within 24 hours after your account has been activated.
From that point on your site will be secure and you can use https://.

We also offer higher end SSL certificates which you can add to your plan at anytime later on.

Do I get PHP with this hosting plan?

Yes, PHP is included in every hosting plan at no extra cost.
You can even choose the PHP version and PHP extensions for your website.

Can I use WordPress with my $1 hosting plan?

Yes, in fact, our $1 hosting plan is optimized to run WordPress. You can install it with a couple of clicks using our App installer.

Why $1 Hosting from us?

Quality $1 Hosting


At HelpingHost.com you will receive a high quality hosting spot for your website. It does not matter if you pay $1 or $100. Our complete infrastructure is setup to provide an excellent hosting environment for your website.
We know that when you start a website you might have little funds available. Maybe you have a great business idea but not much money to start. With us you can start at $1.
As your business grows, we hope that you will upgrade your hosting plan to get more resources to deal with the increase in visitors and traffic.

The best part about growing your website with us is that we know you and we know your website. Our team will be able to guide you and optimize your site as you grow.
You know that HelpingHost.com will always have YOUR best interest in mind.
We know that if your business or website grows, our business grows with you.

High performance $1 Hosting


After being almost 20 years in the hosting business, we have gained a lot of experience. One of the fields we have experience in is website speed. We realize that your website needs to be fast to succeed. Google likes fast websites and visitors like fast websites. So, be assured, your website will be fast on our servers. In addition, feel free to ask our team to give you all kind of insights on how to speed up your website.

$1 Secure Hosting

Safe & Secure.

We are experts when it comes to website security.
Our systems are providing as much protection as possible automatically. Our Team reviews all hosting systems regularly to ensure they stay secure.
We even provide automated plugin and application updates for your website if you want us to.
If you want even more security, try out our cWatch Website Security or CloudFlare Addons

$1 Hosting Plan features

Free Website builder with your $1 web Hosting

Free WebSite Builder

Our Free Website Builder is the easiest way to build a website.
Hundreds of templates to choose from.
E-Commerce built-in. You can also opt to add our Website Editor Pro for only 50 cents per month.

$1 Hosting with Daily Backups

Daily Backups

Daily backups with HelpingHost.com ensure that your web space and database can are protected against data loss at all times.

$1 Hosting with 400+ apps to choose from

400+ Apps

One Click installs of hundreds of Apps such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento E-Commerce, Drupal, OwnCloud and MANY more.

$1 Web Hosting with outstanding support

Outstanding Support

  • Expert Support Staff based in Colorado
  • Friendly and knowledgeable.
  • Support via Live Chat and E-Mail
  • Ticket System
  • Online Support Portal
  • English and German speaking.
$1 Web Hosting with cPanel

Control Panel

  • Latest cPanel Control Panel
  • AWStats, Webalizer
  • Instant Shopping Carts
  • Blogs, Portals, Forums
  • Password Protected
  • Web Based File Manager
1 dollar hosting

24/7 Website Monitoring

We are monitoring our servers 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If there is a problem we know it before it even affects your website.

$1 hosting with 10 E-Mail accounts

Email Features

  • IMAP Email Accounts
  • POP3 Email Accounts
  • SMTP Email Accounts
  • WebMail : RoundCube
  • Email to your phone
  • Basic AntiSpam included
  • SpamExperts (optional)
  • Autoresponders,Forwards
$1 hosting with PHP, per, ruby, python and MySQL

Programming & Databases

  • MySQL Databases
  • PHP 5 and 7
  • Perl, Python
  • Ruby and Ruby on Rails (optional)
  • Modules: Curl, CPAN, GD Library
  • SSH Access
  • Cron Job Scheduling
  • CGI, Fast CGI (Details)
1 dollar hosting with Malware protection

Malware Protection & Security

  • Administration Access over SSL
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) Protection
  • Real Time Virus and Malware Scanning
  • Enforced Password Strength Requirements
  • Brute Force Protection
  • Free SSL Certificate

$1 Hosting with E-Mail included!


  • Why rely on your Internet Service provider or Gmail or Yahoo or AOL to provide you with an email address?
  • Why advertise their brand if you can have your own personal or business email address that you can keep forever?
  • Maybe advertise YOUR business instead of theirs!

It does not matter where you move to or whom you use as your Internet provider.

Do you just love the Gmail or Outlook.com interface?
No problem! Just use your personal email address you get from us with your Gmail.com our Outlook.com account.

By using your own website for your own email, you keep full control and can easily switch email providers without having to change your email address.


10 E-Mail Accounts

Included in your 1 dollar hosting plan!
You can setup 10 full fledged email accounts at no extra cost.
Add more for pennies.

Webmail for E-Mail on the go

Access your email from anywhere using our Webmail. All you need is a web browser.

Access from your portable device

Besides accessing your email from your computer using Outlook or any other email program, you can of course also use your smartphone or tablet to access your email.

Want more advanced email features?

How about:

  • DKIM
  • SPF
  • Professional AntiSpam/AntiVirus Filtering

They are all included and can be setup with a couple of clicks in your hosting control panel.
Alternatively, ask our support team and they will help set those features up for you.


DKIM stands for DomainKeys Identified Mail.
It uses a digital signature in the email header to give the receiver a way to know that the email actually came from you.
DKIM is included for free even in our $1 Hosting plan.


Sender Policy Framewor – short SPF – is a technology which tells other email providers that email from your website is only allowed to be sent from certain servers.
SPF is also included for free in your $1 web hosting.


DMARC is short for “Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance”. It uses SPF and/or DKIM (mentioned before) to tell email providers to accept or reject email depending on the DKIM/SPF records.
It can also be used to just get reports from the big ISPs such as Google and AOL if somebody sends email from your domain name that is not authorized to be sent.
DMARC is of course also included for free in ANY of our Hosting Plans.

SitePad logo

About the Free Website Editor

Our Free Website builder, which is included in the $1 Hosting plan, works well to build a simple website.

You can start using the Free Site Builder instantly after your account is setup. Even if you have not yet switched your website to us. This allows you to try things out right away.

You get lots of different templates to choose from and new ones are constantly being added.
Templates or Themes get your site started quickly. Once you chose a template, you can just replace the default text with your own text. Browse all our current templates and see demos right now.

SitePad Theme selection


When you are done creating your website, just click the publish button:

SitePad WebSite Builder Screenshot 1


Free SSL certificate included.



Even our 1 Dollar hosting plan includes a free Let’s Encrypt – Free SSL/TLS Certificate.

Once your account has been setup, our system will try and install your free SSL certificate automatically.

If for any reason this did not succed. For example because you are moving your website to us, you can just click the SSL/TLS Status button inside your Hosting Control Panel and click on run “AutoSSL”.

SSL certificate status

Your site will now be labled as secure.

BTW. Google now requires ALL websites to have an SSL certificate enabled.

If you are interested in a paid SSL certificate, please see our SSL Certificate product page.

Hosting Control Panel and Portal

Manage every aspect of your website.

A portal to manage the billing, order, cancel, upgrade and downgrade products from us.
It also enables you to manage your domain, renew it, transfer it.
We also give you the option to add users to the portal to manage part of your products.
For example, add a user responsible to pay the bills or add your IT staff to only manage your website but not have access to the billing.

A Hosting Control Panel to manage anything related to your website and email.

We use cPanel as our Hosting Control Panel. It is used by millions of users around the world.
You get full control of every aspect of your website and email.


  • Publish your website
  • Create E-Mail and Calendars
  • Backup, transfer and manage files
  • Manage databases
  • Manage PHP
  • Install and manage 400+ Apps (through our Softaculous auto installer)
  • Montitor and adjust all our security features for your website and email.
  • Backup and restore (Email, website and databases)

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Frank has assisted me with questions in regards to web hosting and has offered me more insight in half an hour than my current host did in all the years I have been with them.

Linda Anderson

Love the quality of customer service. They ALWAYS fix any problem I throw at them!

Mike Jarred

Web Designer

I have been using HelpingHost for over ten years to host all 8 of my websites. I have always been delighted with the promptness and service I have received and I highly recommend them to my friends. The support they offer is exceptional.

Joe N.

Business Owner, Ecstatic.earth

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Award Winning Support

Go ahead, test our customer service team!
We believe we are the best and can fix anything.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Any web hosting service carries a 60 day money back guarantee. You will be given a full refund of the contract amount. Please understand that Domain Name Registrations are non-refundable. However, you can take the domain name with you to another provider.

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