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Enter any word that comes to mind when thinking of a name for your new website.
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Web Hosting Services

$1 Hosting


Our new $1 Hosting solution is powerful, affordable, and more accessible than ever. 

SEO Toolkit

All-in-one SEO Toolkit

Millions of searches.
Millions of websites.

Get YOUR website on top!

High Performance Hosting


Our High-Performance hosting setup ensures fast response times for your website under load.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting at its finest. Start at $1 per month or choose an ultra high-performance WordPress hosting setup for $5 per month.

Online Website Editor

Website Design Tool

No knowledge needed – website design tools.
Choose our excellent website design tool for free or opt for Weebly or Website Editor Pro.

CMS Hosting


We will make sure that your chosen CMS (such as Joomla, Drupal or any other CMS) runs smoothly on our servers.

What makes our web hosting so special?

Quality and Experience.

Even with our $1 Hosting plan, you can rest assured that our servers are safe, reliable, and perform at their best at all times.

If you decide to upgrade to our High-Performance Hosting plans, we will flip the switch to enable our turbo setup. It will speed up your website and make sure it stays running if you are expecting a lot of visitors.


Satisfied Customers

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Our Hosting infrastructure

Our Hosting environment

Let’s start with our Data Centers, which are spread out through the entire world. It enables us to run our servers in different locations at the same time. If one Data Center experiences any issue, the others take over without anybody even noticing.

Second, we improve the speed of your website by ensuring that we host your website closest to your customers. For example, if you have the majority of customers in the USA, you will probably want your website hosted in the USA. We can make sure of that. If you have the majority of customers in Europe, we can make sure that we host your website in Europe.

Want to make sure that your website is equally fast on both continents?
We can do that too! Just ask our customer support team.

Next up are our Servers. Unlike most hosting companies, we decided to split the server workload between multiple servers. That means your website is running on one server and your database on another. It enables us to optimize each server for its primary task, which in turn delivers much better performance for your website.

Of course, our servers are all running SSDs, and we are monitoring them 24/7. If we discover a bottleneck or trouble, we act before it affects your website.

Last, let’s talk about the hosting server software that powers your website. We are currently using cPanel as the hosting control panel, just like many other hosting companies. Our web server software, however, is LiteSpeed, which performs MUCH better than what you will receive at other hosting companies. It also enables your website to be always on the cutting edge and very fast.

Let’s Do Something Better Together!

HelpingHost.com only exists due to the success of our customers.
We have seen customers grow from a tiny website to a large multi-national business. We understand that an online presence is a requirement for any business these days and that downtime or website issues can make or break your company.

So, go ahead and ask our customer service team for help or ideas on how to make your website better, faster, and more successful. We are here for you. Consider us part of YOUR team!


Man designing website

Answers to Your Questions

How can you afford to sell hosting for $1?

Our experience of 20 years in the web hosting business shows that most websites start small and grow over time.

While you might start at $1 per month, it is very likely that when your site becomes a success, you have come to like and trust us. You will stay with us and upgrade to the more expensive plans or custom solutions that we provide.

Some of our Customers

These sample customers are relying on us for years and grow more successful all the time.

High Performance Hosting Customer - emelexista.com

High Traffic

emelexista.com is with us for many years. When they have an important soccer game, the website traffic gets insane!

CDN Hosting customer - speedshopstore.com


SpeedShopStore.com has tens of thousands of products for sale, which in turn means the database behind the scenes is very large. Go ahead and check out its load time!

Screenshot of redbutler.com - custom hosting solution

A custom solution

RedButler.com had special requirements regarding uptime, security, and performance. We developed a custom solution tailored precisely to their needs.


One of our many happy customers.

I have been using HelpingHost.com for over ten years to host all 8 of my websites. I have always been delighted with the promptness and service I have received and I highly recommend them to my friends. The support they offer is exceptional.

Joe Noonan

Nature lover and a Nature advocate, Ecstatic.Earth

Web Hosting Customer

Our Blog

News, tips and tricks about anything related to web hosting, websites, website performance and security at HelpingHost.com

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