Change your E-Mail Password (Old System)

Changing your e-mail password #

If you forgot your email password it is easiest to just reset it in from inside your hosting control panel.

Your e-mail password is NOT your hosting control panel password.

Here are the instructions on how to change your email password:

Login to your Hosting control panel as usual.

Once logged in, click on the e-mail link in the E-Mail section:

On the page that appears, make sure you are working on the correct domain name. (This is only an issue if you have multiple websites in your account):

If its the wrong domain, just use the dropdown to choose the right domain and then click on GO.

Now, click on the little icon next to the email address that you want to change the password for:

Next, enter the NEW password in the Password and Confirm Password field

Please make it a good password! Hackers are trying to guess passwords all day long.:

Last, scroll to the bottom of that page and click on “Submit”:

That’s it.

You can test your new password here (keep in mind that your username is the COMPLETE email address):