How to vertically center a module in a row

Verical center before and after



In this tutorial, we will show you how to center any module within a column using the DIVI builder.
While we only have two columns here, you can, of course, have as many columns as you like. Just edit the settings of the columns you want content centered in.


First, edit the row settings:Divi vertical center module

Click the Design Tab, then on Sizing and set “Equalize Column Heights” to YES:Divi vertical center module 2

Stay on Row Settings and click on the Content Tab. Now, click on Settings for the column that you want to center the content in:
Divi vertical center module 3

You should now be seeing the Column Settings Dialog. Here, click on the Advanced tab, find Custom CSS.
In the box named “Main Element” add this:

margin: auto;

That’s it!