iPhone or iPad E-Mail Setup

This article shows step by step how to connect your iPhone or iPad to your HelpingHost.com E-Mail account.

(We are assuming that you already created the email account first)


On your iPhone/iPad, go to settings and find Passwords & Accounts.

Next, click on “Add Account

Choose “Other” on the next screen:

Next fill in the fields.

Name and description can be filled with anything you like.

E-Mail and Password you have to fill with the full email address and the password as you set up when you created the email account.
Click Next

Now, fill in incoming and outgoing mail server settings.

Your User Name is your COMPLETE E-Mail address.

Your Host Name is mail.yourdomainname.com

So, for example, if your domain is example.com then your Host Name is mail.example.com
iphone ipad email setup for HelpingHost.com

When you click next, be patient

It can take a while for the verification to complete:

iphone ipad email setup for HelpingHost.com - 2

Last, click the “Save” button in the right upper corner:

iphone ipad email setup for HelpingHost.com - 3