Office 365 Outlook E-Mail Settings for (POP3)

In this article you will learn how to check if your Outlook Settings are correctly Setup for our e-Mail Service using POP3:

Open Outlook 365 (or Outlook 2016):
Click on FIle in the Left upper corner:

Outlook POP3 Setup

On the page that appears, click on Accounts settings -> Account Settings.Outlook POP3 Settings 2

A window opens with your current E-Mail accounts.

Now click on the email account you want to check/Adjust and then on Change…:

Outlook POP3 Settings 3

The page that appears should look like this:

Double-check that the field Email Address contains the correct email address.

(Double-check the spelling!!)

Next pay attention to the Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server. Both should be set to:

(replace with your actual website/domain name.

It normally is the part AFTER the @ sign in your email address.

So, if your email address is then Incoming and Outgoing mail server should be:

Next, click on More Settings…

Outlook POP3 Settings 4

Then click on the “Outgoing Server” Tab” and make sure the screen looks like this:Outlook POP3 Settings 5

Last, click on the “Advanced” tab and make sure the settings look like this:Outlook POP3 Settings 6