Outlook 365 email configuration – POP3 (old system)

Instructions for our OLD SYSTEM. #

Please use these instructions ONLY if our Support Team told you to use these or you know you are on our OLD Hosting Control Panel!

For instructons on how to setup Outlook 365 in our NEW System, please go here. #

Open your Outlook. Click on File -> Info -> Add Account.

Outlook 365 setup for HSphere Step 1

In the window that opens enter the complete email address you are trying to access and click on Advanced Options and check “Let me setup my account manually”.

Now, click on “Connect”.Setup Outlook 365 POP3 Hsphere Step 1

After a moment Outlook 365 will ask you for your password. Enter your email address password that you setup when you created the email address in your control panel. Now click on Connect.

On the next screen choose POP:


Next, enter the information as shown here:Setup Outlook 365 POP3 Hsphere Step 3

Now you will be asked for the password:Setup Outlook 365 POP3 Hsphere Step 4

Enter the password and click Connect.