E-Mail Deliverability

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H2 MailSend is an email sending service that ensures the reliable delivery of email. The rate of which your email actually gets to your client or recipient and does not end up in a Spam folder is called Deliverability.

We are offering you a service which allows you to send out email, track where it is going and if it was delivered or ended up in a spam folder.

You can use this service with any E-Mail Program such as Outlook or Thunderbird or you can attach your Website to it.
For example your WordPress can send email through this system, your Magento Online store or any other website software you are running.

We will provide you with  a simple to use web interface to see how much email went through, how much bounced, how many complaints you received and much more.

H2 MailSend 10,000

  • 10,000 E-Mails per month
  • $0.90 for every 1000 e-mails sent after that.