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Retirement of Urchin
Posted by Greg - on 23 October 2016 11:49 AM

We tried to keep our Urchin system running as long as possible but sadly have reached a point were it needs to be retired.

While the company making Urchin retired the product back in 2012 we wowed to keep it running as long as we consider it safe for your data.

We have reached a point were this no longer can be guaranteed.

Urchin will be retired from our servers on November 28th 2016.


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web12 and web14 migration to new hardware
Posted by Greg - on 04 October 2016 07:34 AM
You deserve the latest and greatest powering your website!
We are currently in the process of migrating the web servers web12 and web14 to new hardware.
There will be no downtime related to this migration.
Your sites will be running on the old and new hardware at the same time during this migration to prevent any downtime.
If you have any questions, please contact support.

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08-Oct-2015 web14 Emergency maintenance - 9:00AM CDT (GMT-5)
Posted by Greg - on 08 October 2015 07:23 AM

Emergency Maintenance - 1 Web Servers - 08-Oct-2015
Start Time: 09:00 AM CDT
End Time: 09:30 PM CDT
Services affected:
Location: DAL01
Duration: 30 minutes

We have identified an issue with a hard drive installed to our storage system that requires it to be replaced.

The drive is capable of being hot-swapped, however due to potential OS lockups or raid corruption we will be performing this swap during an emergency maintenance window
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Would you like to say thank you to our team? Please leave a review!
Posted by Greg - on 15 April 2015 12:10 PM

Your feedback is greatly appreciated, and will be used to better inform
and assist future customers.

Please click here to leave a review.

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Microsoft Frontpage End of Life - reminder
Posted by Greg - on 03 November 2014 09:45 AM

This is just a quick reminder about the end of life of Frontpage extensions on our systems.

In August, some of you received our End of Life notice for Microsoft Frontpage.

The day has now arrived and we will be migration the about 10 customers left on Windows 2003 to our newer Windows 2008R2 Servers on which Microsoft Frontpage extensions is no longer supported.

Only those of you who received the email will be effected by this change (again, roughly ten customers in
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