Normal Hosting companies need to provide a very generic environment to ensure that as many web applications as possible are working. Magento Hosting on the other hand means that everything is optimized for the use of the E-Commerce System Magento. It entails first of all, that the Server your website runs on, is configured to run PHP which is the programming language in which Magento was written in. Next, PHP needs to be configured in a certain way to be able to run Magento and its Plugins without problems. We did all that for you already

Magento hosting also means there had to be a tool that enables the website owner to install a Magento as professional and safe as if you would have employed a Web developer with lots of Magento Experience. With us, you can install different configured Magentos as bare as possible or with all the plugins you can imagine. You can also remove a complete Magento install with the click of a button.

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