What is Magento

Before we can get into details about what Magento Hosting is, perhaps we first should explain what Magento is for those of you who might be unsure.


Magento is an E-Commerce store. It enables you to add products to it accept orders from your customers for those Products and (if you have a payment provider) allows you to accept payment from your customer right on your website. All you have to do is to ship the product to the customer.

In the beginning, all you have is a Domain name like Helpinghost.com (you will get this domain name through so called Domain Registration which we also provide). This in itself only means that you are the owner of that name in the internet. Nice name, but now what you are asking?


Next, you need to "point" this name to a place on the internet. You need to point it to a Computer that is constantly connected to the Internet and like our Magento Hosting Servers. We make sure the Computer always is online so you do not loose any sales. You want your Magento Store to be online 24/7 too right? This kind of computer is called a Web Server. You will rent a bit of space on one of those Servers in a high tech datacenter and this is called Hosting. The "pointing" mentioned above is done by so called Name Servers. (more about that you can find on our Support pages). If you are getting the domain name and Magento hosting from HelpingHost.com, you will not have to worry about of any of this. We take care of all the settings for you. Just pick a domain name and hosting plan.


Now that your name is pointing to a Server you will probably see a Parking Page. This is like a placeholder which hopefully will be replaced by your own Magento Store soon! Easy so far right? Now comes the hard part! Building, creating, designing uploading and maintaining your own web pages. This is normally done by a professional web developer or by you sitting at your home computer trying to figure all this out. Frustrated after a while?

This is where Magento comes into the picture which will save you from the frustrating part. You just install it with a click of a button from your Magento Hosting account and voila, your Magento E-Commerce store is up and running. You now login to your Magento install and add the products to your store with images, text, prices and tell Magento how to organize it. You have Sections, Categories and Products (even multiple stores in one website if you like) available and can sort your website content however you like.

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