You need to point it to a Computer that is constantly connected to the Internet and like our Wordpress Hosting has plenty of things in place to make sure the Computer always is online.
You will rent a bit of space on one of those computers (Servers) in a high tech datacenter and this will be called Wordpress Hosting.
This "pointing" is done by so called NameServers. (more about that you can find on our Support pages).
Now that your name is pointing to a Server you will probably see a Parking Page. This is like a placeholder which hopefully will be replaced by your own WordPress pages soon.
Easy so far right?
Now comes the hard part! Building, creating, designing uploading and maintaining your own Wordpress Site. This is normally done by a professional web developer or by you sitting at your home computer trying to figure all this out.

If you were on your own at this point, you would be frustrated pretty quick right?
That is where our pre-installed Wordpress comes into the picture which will save you from the frustrating part. You just install WordPress with a click of a button from your Wordpress Hosting account and voila, your Wordpress Site is up and running. You now login to your Wordpress install and add posts or pages to your wordpress site.
So, Wordpress is an Application.
Normal Hosting companies need to provide a very generic environment to ensure that as many web applications as possible are working.
Wordpress Hosting on the other hand means that everything is optimized for the use of Wordpress.
This means, first of all that the Server your website runs on is configured to run PHP which is the programming language in which Wordpress was written in.
Next, PHP needs to be configured in a certain way to be able to run Wordpress and its plugins without problems.
Wordpress hosting also means there has to be a tool that enables the website owner to install Wordpress as professional and safe as if you would have employed a Web developer with lots of Wordpress Experience.

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