PHP 7.1 now available on all Servers

As promised, shortly after the PHP team released version 7.1 it is NOW available on all our servers. While speed improvements are not as extreme as with PHP 7.0, they are still existent. If you upgraded your WordPress to version 4.7 already, you can now also switch to PHP 7.1. WordPress 4.6 and lower are NOT compatible with PHP 7.1.

A lot of changes only effect the programmers of you. Detailed migration information can be found here:

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Recent Vulnerability and patch status

I'm sure some of you have seen the recent news about a major vulnerability for Linux servers. Since the majority of websites hosted with us are running on Linux you might be worried about this vulnerability. However, we have patched all our servers against this attack the same day as the patch was released by the vendor. So, as always, rest assured that we are doing everything humanly possible to keep your websites safe! As a reminder, please do your part and keep your Applications, its plugins and themes up2date at all times!! If you need any help with that or explanations, please do not hesitate to contact us. Add a comment

PHP 7.0 now available on all Servers

We are very exited to announce to have enabled PHP 7.0 on all our webservers! One of the biggest improvements in PHP 7 is the dramatically increased performance. So, if your site uses a modern PHP app such as WordPress or Joomla 3.6 you can simply switch to PHP 7 from within your hosting control panel under Web Service Settings. ( If you are unsure, just contact support and ask them to do it for you ) Your site will be running a LOT faster. Other changes are related to the PHP programming language and we will not bore you with it. Developers can take a look here at the PHP website. BTW, while we were at it we also laid the groundwork for PHP 7.1 which is right around the corner. Check back here to see when it has been activated on all servers. Add a comment
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