In today's world with hackers everywhere it is important to keep interaction over the internet as secure as possible. One function used for almost every website is FTP (File Transfer Protocol) that everybody owning a website uses at least indirectly. Sadly FTP by default sends the username/password in clear text over the internet for any hacker to read it out. Today I would like to show you how to enable FTP-SSL on a widely used FTP Program - Filezilla. Enabling FTP SSL will encrypt the transfer of your username and password. 

  • Start Filezilla as usual and edit your site via the SiteManager. Open the SiteManager to enable FTP SSL
  • Next, click on the Site you would like to enable FTP-SSL for.
  • On the General Tab look for the DropDown "Encryption"
  • Choose "Require explicit FTP over TLS" Setup FTP SSL encryption



That was it! Now your FTP password will no longer be sent un-encrypted over the internet. Some of you might receive  an error after performing this step. This can be due to your website using a dedicated IP address for example. However, just contact our support team they will give you a different FTP Hostname which will solve the problem.    

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