Today I would like to show you how easy it is to install Drupal at


For those of you who do not yet know Drupal, it is a so called content management system which allows you to create and manage the content of a website easily even with or better esp. with multiple contributors. Just like most CMS it can be styled with a template to give it any look you like. Once installed and styled you can login to your Drupal from any computer and add pages or articles at will. The installation of Drupal is the hardest part for somebody who never installed and PHP app before. That is where our one click installer works wonders. 


Install Drupal step 1



First you will need to login to your hosting control panel as usual, look for an Icon called Softaculous App Installer and click on it.



Installing Drupal step 2On the page that appears, click on the little blue icon next to the Domain name you want to install Drupal on.      



You now are inside our Softaculous installer. installing Drupal step 3On the left side open the section Portals/CMS and look for Drupal. You will find Drupal 6 and just Drupal. I would suggest to choose Drupal which contains the latest version of Drupal (version 7 at the moment). Drupal 6 is just for those of you who have reason to go with the older version.  

installing Drupal step 4Locate the "Install" link and click on it.installing Drupal step 5







Fill in the fields as they make sense. One field to pay attention to is the field "In Directory". if you enter anything in this field Drupal will be installed into a folder with that name. In the example here it would be installed under If you leave that field empty, Drupal would become the homepage for your website instead. If Drupal is the only thing you want on your website it is best to leave that field empty. Two fields you can ignore completely are Database Name and Table Prefix.   All you have to do now is click the install button and a few moments later your brand new Drupal is ready to serve you.  













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