In this article, we would like to show you how to install a shopping cart called Magento E-Commerce onto your website with

To install Magento ECommerce you need to login to your hosting control panel first.

Once logged in look for the Softaculous App installer Icon: 

Softaculous Icon to install Magento ECommerce






Magento ECommerce install step 1B


Next, click on the blue icon next to the domain
on which you would like to install Magento ECommerce.  


On the screen that opens you will find a list of categories on the left side. Click on the E-Commerce Category to open it.

installing Magento ECommerce Step 2







Next, click on the Magento link. Now click on the small Install link as shown here: 

Installing Magento E-Commerce step 4




On the page that appears, IGNORE the fields called "Database Name" and "Table Prefix". A very important field is "In Directory". Here you enter the name of the folder in which you want to install Magento ECommerce. In the example below it would end up in:

Magento E-Commerce install step 5





IMPORTANT!: If you leave the field "In Directory" EMPTY and it will be installed into the root of the website and become the new homepage. So in our example it would be:








Last, click the Install Button on the bottom of the page and wait a moment.  

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