A new scam is making the rounds trying to get a hold of your email credentials.
The content of the email looks like this for example:
RE: system administrator
Your webmail account has exceeded the allowed storage limit set by your administrator, you are you may not be able to send or receive new mail until you re-validate your E-mail account. Click the Link below to re-validate your mailbox.
*Click here to validate*<http://example.com/webmail-verify/>
While we would never ask you to 're-validate' anything in the first place you should notice the URL they are sending you to: http://example.com/webmail-verify/.
If the URL does not show helpinghost.com  as the domain name, it for sure did NOT come from us.
If unsure, just open a quick ticket with support and ask if we have sent the email just like one of our customers did today. (Thank you Jeff!)
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