We are always on the lookout to offer more secure hosting to our customers. 

Recently we found a new piece of software that enables us to discover and react very quickly when a customers account was compromised or is being abused. In the past we mostly had to rely on very tight security as well as reports from our Abuse department and were basically always forced to only react instead of being pro-active. This has now changed. With this new piece of software we are notified immediately when any phishing script or virus gets uploaded to our server and we can act immediately on it. Some of you might be surprised, thinking a simple antivirus would do the job, but sadly it is much more complicated then that. So, we are very excited about the software and are currently running intensive tests on our End-User and Reseller cluster. Once completed we will deploy these onto every web server in both clusters and hope it will result in a more secure hosting environment for all our customers.    

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