Our PHP Setup

included in every hosting plan even the $1 Plan

Choose ANY PHP version

You can select any PHP version you like for any of your websites. (even per folder if you want to)
Currently we support PHP 4.4 to 8.0. Any new version will be added as soon as it has been released.


Choose your PHP modules

We enabled the standard PHP modules you are used to and are required for most apps by default.
However, you can choose to enable/disable additional modules for each PHP version in your account.


PHP Hosting using the Litespeed API

We are running LiteSpeed PHP LSAPI

PHP LiteSpeed SAPI has been developed to push PHP performance to the next level.


We currently support PHP 4.4 to 8.0.

You might wonder how and why we still supporting old PHP versions such as 4.4. 

Our old PHP versions contain so called back ports of any security issues that are patched in newer versions of PHP.

So, while we do not recommend using old PHP versions, if you have an old app that you have to run under an old PHP version, you can at least be certain that the PHP itself is not vulnerable. Please keep in mind though that your old PHP app however is very likely vulnerable to hacks.

If you like you can even set a different PHP version for any folder within your website. Just contact support for instructions.

Choose your PHP version per website or Folder

As stated, you can choose any PHP extension you like to be enabled in your PHP setup.
We pride ourselves to offer a large amount of PHP extensions that normally are unavailable in shared hosting accounts.

Below please find the current list of PHP extensions available for PHP 7.x

Choose PHP modules per website or folder

apcu gmagick mysqli posix sysvshm
bcmath gmp mysqlnd propro tidy
brotli gnupg nd_mysqli pspell timezonedb
bz2 gRPC nd_pdo_mysql raphf tokenizer
calendar hash newrelic* readline trader
core http oauth redis uploadprogress
ctype iconv oci8 reflection uuid
curl igbinary odbc session vips
date imagick opcache shmop wddx
dba imap openssl simplexml xml
inotify pcntl snmp xmlreader
interbase pcre soap xmlrpc
intl pdo sockets xmlwriter
ioncube_loader pdo_dblib spl xsl
json pdo_firebird sqlite3 yaml
ldap pdo_mysql sqlsrv zip
libxml pdo_odbc ssh2 zlib
lzf pdo_pgsql standard zmq
mailparse pdo_sqlite stats
mbstring pdo_sqlsrv sysvmsg
memcached pgsql sysvsem
mongodb phalcon3