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What Does our Toolkit do

SEO Keyword Rank Tracking

SEO Tracking

Keyword rank tracking
Complete SEO check-up by our robots

SEO Keyword Suggestions

Keyword suggestion

Get ideas on which keywords could work for your site.

SEO Social Media tools

Social media tools

Be in control of your social communications with scheduled publishing and monitoring tools.

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SEO Website Audit

Website Audit

Checks your website for common errors that prevent it from ranking in search engines.

SEO Backlink tracking

Backlink Checker

Evaluate every backlink using 15 SEO parameters

SEO Strategy Plan

SEO Strategy

Valuable SEO tips based on your site analysis.

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Keyword position tracking (SEO Tracking)

100% accurate


Lets start with a definition:
What is a keyword?
A keyword is a word or phrase that is important to your website.

Keywords are words that explain what your website is about or sells.

For example, if you are selling clocks, then “clocks” would probably be the most important keyword.
You want people looking to buy clocks to find you on Google.
As you can tell clock, in this example, is a very broad and far reaching keyword.
If your website appears on the top of Google for that word, you probably would get a lot of visitors that are looking for other things than buying a clock.
In addition, A LOT of other websites will be competing with you to be first in the search results for that word.

Maybe it would be better to work with a more specific keyword such as “wall clock”!?

Now that we are clear on what a keyword is, we can move on to explain what our Keyword tracking tool does.
It is part of our SEO Tool kit (BTW, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, the art of making your website rank better in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on.).
Our SEO ranking tool allows you to keep an eye on the keywords that are important to your website and what your current rank with the major search engine providers is.

On the right you will find a screenshot of the ranking of the words electric cars and Tesla roadster for the website Tesla dot com.
You can see how the ranking for electric cars changed on the 8th, 9th and 10th of December.

SEO Keyword Position Tracking

Keyword Suggestion and Research tool

You might think that finding a keyword for your website is the easy part, yet, that is not at all the case!

As you can imagine, all the obvious keywords are also highly contested keywords.
What is the solution? Our keyword Suggestion tool.

You enter a website, keyword or URL and our tool will suggest keywords that you can use. How often people search for that keyword and even how hard it is to rank well in search engines for those keywords. (Plus many more details).

Take a look at the screenshot on the right for the example keyword “electric cars”

Website Audit

Next, our SEO Ranking toolkit will make sure that your site actually is setup and designed perfectly. Search Engines are quite picky and prefer websites with as little technical issues as possible.

Don’t let your sites errors decrease your search engine visibility!

Our tool will provide you with a detailed list of the seo ranking factors and spot key glitches that hold you back.
With this comprehensive analysis your website will be checked for over 70 parameters and how to fix them.

A report of these 70 parameters (such as link issues, SSL redirects, XML Sitemap, duplicate content, mobile issues and so on) will be presented to you or emailed if you like.
Each issue detected will also display instructions on how to fix the issue.

These are the groups of parameters we are checking on your website:

SEO Ranking Website Audit

    The main parameters for your website such as IP address, server location, domain age, domain expiration, PR, Alexa, indexed pages in search engines, DMOZ and Yahoo listings


    A Comprehensive website health audit to get alerts on all issues that require your immediate attention


    Reveals possible errors that Google robots might find while crawling your site. The tool will list the pages with long URLs, blocked robot.txt, noindex meta tags and so forth


    Checks your titles and meta descriptions – this kind of optimization highly influences your ranking.


    Here we are checking your website for unique content and empty h1-h3 tags.


    Making sure that your website is not spammed with external links.


    Ensuring that your alt text and image titles are unique an exist.


    A test to see that your website works and looks good when viewed on desktop, smartphone, and tablet.


    Valid markup, favicon is in its place, 404 error page is customized and your website runs fast and is secure

Marketing Plan


Our SEO guide is a perfect starting point for agencies and webmasters that are assessing sites for the prospective clients or could be used as the marketing plan template


This best-practice SEO checklist consists of all the points needed for you to stay on top. It will show you what’s done and still needs to be implemented.


A professional SEO agency goes through the same checklist as an independent SEO expert. These tools allow you to do the same at a fraction of the cost.

Our Marketing Plan is more than just a marketing checklist – it provides comprehensive strategy to all kinds of users: from SEO Ranking newbies to experienced gurus.

Get things done!
Our most comprehensive SEO ranking checklist for you to use.


A list of initial steps at the beginning of the project – from purchasing a domain name to the tracking system installation.



Find and research keywords that are important to you.
Ensure that you are able to compete with those keywords.

Search queries analytics, competitor evaluation and semantic core.



Optimization of key on-page ranking factors: Meta Titles, Description and Keywords, Alt tags, Heading tags, keyword density optimization, mobile-friendliness and more.


Going through the list of our inspirational ideas will help you create a better link-building strategy while increasing your site’s visibility and much more.


Examine and analyze the social media side of your project. Develop your SMM strategy. Monitor and amplify the power of social signals linking to your resource.


Customize your SEO tracking to do list by adding some extra activities related specifically to your project.

Social Media Tools

Social Media is the next building block of your SEO strategy.

Because we feel that Social Media is such an important part, we decided to add a tool to manage as well as track your social media interactions.

Automatically post your social media updates to all your social networks.

Boost your search engines tracking, sales rate and client’s loyalty by using all social media power. You can easily plan, schedule and share content with your followers across multiple social platforms in just a couple of clicks.

Automatically post your social media updates to all your social networks.
SEO Ranking - Increase your social media ranking and engagement.

Increase your social media ranking and engagement.

Our social media management and ranking tools help you to find the best time to engage with your target audience as well as the type of content that yields the best results.
No need to switch from Facebook to Twitter or from one profile to another if you are managing multiple accounts.
All your data is stored in one place – easy to use, easy to analyze.