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Safeguard against any possible online threats.

Ensuring the safety and security of websites is a must for all site owners, no matter your size or industry.

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Around-the-clock site security

SIteLock Website Security from

SiteLock™ is a cloud-based website security solution for organizations of all sizes.

Three options to choose from:


Find scans the site inside and out, to search vulnerabilities or evidence of malicious code. It also provide a protective layer around the website to help prevent future compromises from occurring.

Find & Fix

If a website is compromised, Find & Fix can diagnose the source of the issue and deliver a fast solution to get the site back online.

Find, Fix & Prevent

Find, Fix & Prevent includes the SiteLock TrueShield™ Web App Firewall which proactively protects websites from malicious traffic and blocks harmful requests. Requires no installation, takes only 5 minutes to set up and blocks all of OWASP’s top 10 threats.

FeaturesFindFind & FixFind, Fix & Prevent
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Daily malware scanning
Reputation monitoring
Verifiable trust seal
Malware: daily
Spam: daily
Network: daily
Spam & black list monitoring
Automatic malware removal
Automatic malware removal (SMART)
File change monitoring
Advanced vulnerability scans
TrueShield™ Web app firewall
CDN (Content Delivery Network)
Increase website performance
Malware scan pages:
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