SiteLock Malware Detector

Safeguard against any possible online threats.
Ensuring the safety and security of websites is a must for all site owners, no matter your size or industry.

SiteLock Malware protection

Around-the-clock WebSite security
SiteLock™ is a cloud-based website security solution for organizations of all sizes.

Safeguard against any possible online threats.

5,000 small and large websites are attacked everyday. Don’t risk yours

SiteLock CDN

SiteLock CDN

A worldwide Content Distribution Network (CDN) to make your website faster and save bandwidth.
SiteLock Trust Seal

SiteLock Trust Seal

To boost the confidence of your Visitors you will receive the SiteLock Trust Seal verifying that your site is protected.
SiteLock AntiMalware

Anti-malware technology

With a database of 10M+ threats, you will receive the most comprehensive protection in the industry.
SiteLock US Based Support

24/7 U.S.-based Support

Receive U.S. Based customer support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from SiteLock


You have three SiteLock Plan options to choose from (you can upgrade/downgrade at anytime):

SiteLock Website Protection

SiteLock Basic

Perfect for small sites with 25 web pages or less.

This SiteLock Plan scans the site from the outside, to search vulnerabilities or evidence of malicious code. It also provide a protective layer around the website to help prevent future compromises from occurring. You also will received the Trust Seal.
Its a great plan if you are just starting your website and are trying to save money.

SiteLock Premium

Contains everything in the Basic Plan PLUS:

It protects up to 500 web Pages.

If a website is compromised, the SiteLock Premium Plan can diagnose the source of the issue and deliver a fast solution to get the site back online. It provides outside scans as well as FTP scans to look for hidden backdoors and viruses on your website.

SiteLock Enterprise

Contains all the features of the Basic and Premium Plans.

However, it can protect up to 2500 Pages!
The Enterprise SiteLock plan is optimal for large websites and online stores with lots of products.


SiteLock Plans & Pricing


Frequently Asked Questions about SiteLock:

What is SiteLock?

SiteLock is a cloud-based website security solution for any type of business. It offers malware detection and malware removal.
This is achieved by FTP scanning all the files on your website as well as external scanning of your website to find existing infections.
SiteLock will inform you if it detects that your site is vulnerable and give you suggestions on how to fix it.

A cloud based Web firewall and global content distribution network are also included to protect your website and make it faster.

Last, Sitelock constantly monitors your website reputation on spam blacklists and search engine blacklists.

What types of scan are available with SiteLock Website Security?

The following Website Security Scans are offered with SiteLock:

  • Daily Malware Scan
  • Daily FTP Scanning
  • Website Application Scan
  • SQL Injection Scan
  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Scan
How do I install SiteLock Website Security?

To install SiteLock, you need to enter your FTP details on the SiteLock admin panel and validate that you own the website. This triggers a scan and your SiteLock is good to go. You can include the JavaScript snippet that SiteLock provides in the footer of your website to display the Trust Seal.

To enable TrueShield (the SiteLock Web Firewall) and TrueSpeed (the SiteLock Global CDN) you will need to update a DNS record for your website.
We will help you with any of that if needed.



SiteLock performs two types of scans to detect malware and vulnerabilities on the website: Outside-In scan: A basic scan that checks for malware present on the website pages, like external redirects, hidden links, obfuscated JavaScript, links to known malware sites, etc. Inside-Out scan (FTP scan): An in-depth scan that downloads the website files on SiteLock’s servers and checks for malicious code.



Using the FTP scan, SMART can automatically remove malicious code found on the website. The user has the option of enabling or disabling automatic malware removal. If enabled, SiteLock maintains the website’s change logs for a month.


Website owners can choose to install and display a Security Badge or TrustSeal on their website to assure users that their website is secure and malware-free. Since SiteLock performs all scans daily, the TrustSeal is update everyday to indicate that all scans have passed.


A Content Delivery Network is a system of globally distributed servers that cache website content and serve it from the nearest server to a visitor. A CDN is effective in speeding up load time and performance of a site. This also helps to boost organic ranking. Website owners need to add a CNAME record to a subdomain to redirect traffic through SiteLock’s CDN.