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  • CVE-2017-1000253 Kernel vulnerability

    For the those of you wondering: CVE-2017-1000253 a kernel vulnerability has been patched on all HelpingHost.com Servers.
  • FTP over SSL configuration

    In today's world with hackers everywhere it is important to keep interaction over the internet as secure as possible. One function used for almost every website is FTP (File Transfer Protocol) that everybody owning a website uses at least indirectly. Sadly FTP by default sends the username/password in clear text over the internet for any hacker to read it out. Today I would like to show you how to enable FTP-SSL on a widely used FTP Program - Filezilla. Enabling FTP SSL will encrypt the transfer of your username and password. 

  • Joomla 3.3 is coming soon - Whats new?

    • One important change with Joomla 3.3 is the fact that it requires PHP 5.3.10 as a minimum.
      This means you should make sure you have set your website to run PHP 5.3 fastcgi or higher. (This is done in our hosting control panel. A setting per website)
    • Next, the Mootools javascript library has been completely replaced by JQuery.
    • Microdata - which will allows you to add contextual information to anything on your website using a clean standard.
      This in turn will make it easier for search engines to understand your website. For example adding an author name to an article.
    • 3rd party storage API. You will be able to store certain files such as Videos or Pictures on a service such as DropBox or Amazon S3.
    • Ability to have users edit modules in the frontend if you gave them permission.

    What's new in Joomla 3.3 - An infographic by the team at JoomlArt.comJoomlArt.com

  • Joomla 3.4 has been released

    on Feb 24th 2015 Joomla 3.4 was released.

    Besides the over 700! bugs that have been fixed in this release, some new features have been added.

    • Interesting mostly for developers:
      • a stability flag for extensions has been added
      • Composer has now been integrated


    • Interesting for most everybody:
      • A collapsible sidebar in the admin area to make things cleaner
      • the ability to edit modules from the front-end
      • integration of Google's reCAPTCHA for form submits and user registration.
      • the weblinks component is not truly a component which you can un-install if not needed

    As usual, if you used our automated installer to install your Joomla, you can backup and upgrade to Joomla 3.4 with the click of a button.
    Alternatively ask our support team to do it for you.
    Remember to also update ALL components and plugins while you are at it.

    Stay up2date, Stay safe!

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