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Upcoming Google GSuite Price changes

You may be aware that Google is changing its prices for the Google GSuite Product line. Starting April 1nd the prices for Google GSuite will increase. As a result we also will increase the price for this product. Google currently offers a discount for 1 Year...


We are receiving new reports of scam emails from the so called Chinaregistry claiming that you are infringing on a trademark in China. (This scam is actually around for quite some time, but we did not see any recent reports. Until now.) The emails look like this:...

We now accept Bitcoin

With our latest portal update we have gained the ability to accept Bitcoin as a payment method. You can now pay in BTC and BCH for any of our services.

NodeJS 11 now available in your Hosting account.

Dear Customers, If you are using NodeJS on your website, you will be excited to know that Node.JS is now available to choose from in your NodeJS selector. That brings the total NodeJS versions available to you to 5: NodeJS 6,8,9,10 and now 11! Happy Coding. Your...