Shared Hosting Plans To Meet Every Need

Shared hosting solutions start at $1 per month all the way up to $50/mo. You can up and downgrade your plan at any time as you see fit.

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Shared Hosting Plans

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Our Features

All Hosting Plans Include 

Shared Hosting with Daily Backups

Daily Backups

Daily backups with ensure that your web space and database are protected against data loss at all times.

Shared Hosting with 24/7 Server monitoring

24/7 Server Monitoring

We are monitoring our servers 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If there is a problem we know it before it even affects your website.

Shared Hosting with HTTP/2

HTTP/2 High-Speed

HTTP/2 is enabled by default on all our hosting plans. It is the new network protocol for the Internet.
This ensures that your website is as fast as possible.

Shared Hosting with 400+ easy to install Apps

400+ Apps

One Click installs of hundreds of Apps such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento E-Commerce, Drupal, OwnCloud and MANY more.

Shared Hosting with Outstanding support

Outstanding Support

Knowledgeable and friendly!
Experts are here to solve any problem and any question you might encounter.

Shared Hosting with Malware protection for your website

Malware Protection

With realtime website malware scanning and intrusion detection system, we keep your website clear of viruses.

Why Choose our Shared Hosting?

While you are sharing our servers with other customers, our system is designed to guarantee your account a certain amount of resources.
This way one rogue customer sharing the hosting server with you will not slow down your websites.

Shared Hosting With Resource guarantee

Shared Hosting with Resource protection

Resource Protection

Our system ensures that enough hosting resources are available for your account so that it never will be slowed down by another customer.

Low Density shared hosting


We are NOT packing our servers to the max. With 20 years of experience in the shared hosting field, we know exactly how many customers can be on one server without slowing anyone down.

Constant monitoring enables us to put just the right amount of websites on each server.

High performance shared hosting

One Server per Task

Unlike most companies we are running web server and database server separately. This allows us to tune the Database server, well for the database task and the Web server for, you guessed it, the Web Server task.

Shared hosting services
Shared Hosting with better security and more control


Better Security. More Control

One of our specialties is Security. We have sourced the best shared hosting security software and our staff is well trained to handle any security issue.

Imunify 360


Intrusion Detection

You can manage all of it in your control panel.


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To get started with your own website, you have to find a name first.
This is called a Domain Name.
Enter any word that comes to mind when thinking of a name for your new website.
We will check if this name is still available.
If not, we will present you with lots of alternative names that are still available.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Award Winning Support

Go ahead, test our customer service team!
We believe we are the best and can fix anything.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Any web hosting service carries a 60 day money back guarantee. You will be given a full refund of the contract amount. Please understand that Domain Name Registrations are non-refundable. However, you can take the domain name with you to another provider.