E-Commerce Hosting


HelpingHost.com provides everything you need to run your E-Commerce Store.

E-Commerce is the term used to describe the selling of products on the Internet.

Some people call it an Online Store or a Shopping Cart.

It involves several pieces that together enable your customer to purchase products from you through your website.
HelpingHost.com provides all those pieces and the help needed to get you started!

The pieces are:

  • A Domain name – so people can find you on the Internet. This it what you type in the top bar of your browser. (such as HelpingHost.com)
  • E-Commerce Hosting – A Secure place to put your online Store, website and e-mail.
  • E-Commerce Software installed on your Website. ( a nice online store with a shopping cart. Here you add your products, prices and features)
  • A Payment Provider. (This allows you to accept a customers payment upon ordering your product)
    As stated, you get get all of that from us in one simple Bundle.

For the piece of the E-Commerce Software there are many options to choose from.

If you want your E-Commerce store setup to be as simple and quickly as possible, you can just start with our Weebly WebSite Builder. It has all the puzzle pieces for your E-Commerce store and all you need to manage it – is your Mouse and Keyboard.

Remember, with HelpingHost.com you are not stuck in any of these products. You can switch at any time.

If you would like a bit more freedom, below you will find SOME examples that we see being used a lot by our customers. Many more E-Commerce Store options can be found and installed with a couple if clicks inside your Hosting control panel.
You can use ANY of the options, try them as much as you want and then delete and install another option at any time.

E-Commerce Hosting

E-Commerce Bundle

just $19.95/mo

Zen Cart™ E-Commerce Hosting

 Zen Cart™ is probably one of the most user friendly E-Commerce Shopping Carts out there.
As with the other Shopping carts, our infrastructure and servers are well optimized to work with this E-Commerce Software.

It uses little resources. You can add an unlimited number of products.

Magento E-Commerce Hosting

Probably one of the most powerful E-Commerce Applications out there. Which at first might seem a bit overwhelming.
If you are planning on selling only a Handful of Products, this is probably overkill.

If however you are thinking (even later on) that you will be selling a lot of products, you probably would want to start with this system.

Our servers are optimized to run the latest Magento E-Commerce and our Staff knows this system quite well to be able to help you if something is not working as it should.

Magento E-Commerce Hosting
WooCommerce Hosting

WordPress with WooCommerce Hosting

Yes, you are reading correctly.
WordPress together with the WooCommerce Plugin are making a very formidable E-Commerce System.

Lots of people are using it and it is quite easy to manage your store with the combo of WordPress and WooCommerce.

Our Servers are already optimized for WordPress. This E-Commerce Bundle includes High Performance Hosting.

X-Cart Hosting

 X-Cart eCommerce PHP Shopping Cart Software considers themselves to be the #1 Open Source Ecommerce Platform for High‑Performing Online Stores.
They are around since 2001. By default we install their Free version. However, if you grow large enough or feel that your store needs a X-Cart specialist at a hand they offer paid direct support.

XCart E-Commerce Hosting

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