Our Website Builders:


We currently offer a selection of 4 Website builders. From a free one that is included in every hosting plan to enable you to easily create a website, even when you are using the $1 hosting plan.
If you have an existing website and do not want to start over, take a look at our Visi Builder which allows you to import your current website.

SitePad Website Editor from HelpingHost.com

Our Free Website Builder - SitePad

This website builder is included for free in any hosting package you buy from us.

Brizy Builder PRO

Our newest Website Builder.
Choose between our Brizy Builder Cloud Edition and Brizy Builder WordPress Edition.


Visi Builder Pro - HelpingHost.com Editor

Only 50c per month - Visi-builder Pro

A more advanced website builder with an Import function.
It allows you to import your existing website and edit it.
Weebly Website Editor

Weebly Website Builder

The Weebly Builder starts out free with Ads, but quickly becomes one of the more expensive Builders out there.
Hower, it also has some of the more advanced features such as a mobile app to manage sales from your website.